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Modern friendship

Friends… The new family

What is the most important thing in our lives? Accordino to MSN Messenger – Anatomy of Modern friendship, a new study of 10 000 Britons, It is friendship!
We make 396 friends in a lifetime, although we only manage to stay in touch with 33 friends at any one time. And of those 33 friends, only 6 are in the inner sanctum of close friends. The remaining 80% are social friends.
Strangely, we see the social friends more often than the close friends. Women see their social friends on average every 3.5 days, while men wait about 5 days. However, both men and women see their close friends only once every 8 weeks.
So what makes a good friend? It’s someone you have a lot in common wih, and who ideally has the same sense of humour. He or she should be loyal, and not fell jealous of your relationship with other friends or family, or envious of your successes.

Most importantly, a friend is able to keep a secret and is someone you turn to in a crisis.
And now there is a new phenomenon – the silent friend. We like to keep in touch with his friend using email, SMS, and instant messenger.
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