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U2 - Presentation of the Irish band

‘Rock stars are good at making noise’, said Paul David Hewson. Better known as Bono, the singer with Irish band U2 wasn’t talking about music. He was explaining that famous musicians can sometimes help ch’ange the world.

Bono starter changing the world in 1985. U2 was one of the bands that played at the live Aid concert. Money from the concert went to the poor countries of Africa. That year Bono visited Ethiopia, and this was a trip that changed his life.
Bono was born in Dublin in 1960. His father was Catholic and his mother was protestant – very unusual in Ireland at that time. At school, he met his future wife and the musicians who later became U2. He also got his nickname there, from a shop called Bonavox (‘beautiful voice’, in Latin). The ‘beatiful voice’ sang the irish Bloddy Sunday, about the irish problema, and ‘New year’s Day about Poland’s fight freedom.

For the last twenty years, Bono has spent a lot of time meeting with politicians – more time than he has spent making music. His ambition i sto get the rich countries like USA and the UK t ogive more money to help solve Africa’s problema with AIDS and hunger. He has met Nelson Mandela, George W. Bush, Tony Blair and Pope John Paul II. The Pope even wore Bono’s sunglasses and Bono called him ‘the funky Pontiff’. As a result of the September 11th tragedy, Bono believes that countries need to help each other more, and that he is lucky to be able to ‘make noise’ in a different way.

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