Types of development and Breast Feeding

There are three aspects of development. These are all related. They are:
1) Physical development: This is the development of the physical structures and functions, for example the brain, muscles, nerves, bones and their functions. Physical development is basic to all aspects of development. For instance, a child's brain has to develop physically first, before he can develop mentally.

2) Mental development: This is the development of intellectual abilities. It involves ability to think, understand, solve problems, etc.

3) Social development: This includes:
- the development of behaviours approved by society or social groups.
- playing socially approved roles.
- development of social attitudes. School development enables the individual participate and enjoy social activities and take interest in people.

Every normal baby grows rapidly. He therefore needs good food that can promote growth and development. Poor feeding in infancy can retard growth. A baby can be fed either by the breast or the bottle. Often both methods are combined. As baby grows suitable semi-solid food (cereals) are introduced to them. Nowadays some mothers practice less best feeding because they concentrate on their career and tend to leave food on the feeding bottles for their kids.

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