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Exercise is the act of making the body muscles perform some activities. There are various forms of exercises for example jumping, dancing, walking, running, swimming, playing games like football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Importance of exercise

- It increases the flow of blood to the muscles.
- It makes the muscles strong, firm, and healthy.
That is it improves muscle tone.
- It makes the sweat glands of the skinner active. This results in the production of more sweat with waste materials.
- It helps the whole body to keep for and healthy.
- During an exercise the lungs become more active, breathing is deeper and air in the lung is changes more often.
- Exercises aid digestion and prevent constipation.
- It also refreshes the brain through increased blood circulation.
- Some over-weight persons can shade off excess weight through routine exercises.
- Exercise stimulates the appetite.
- It encourages sound sleep and growth.

Exercises for waist, arm, and abdomen

Exercises for waist and arm
- Stand erect with your feet slightly apart and arms over the head.
- Bend forward and touch the floor between your feet.
- Rise to your starting position.
- Repeat the exercise five times the first day. Increase the number of times to ten by the end pf the week and continue daily.

Exercise for abdomen

(Type A)
- Lie on your back on the floor.
- Stretch your arms at the sides of your body, palms down.
- Raise the right leg until it is perpendicular to the floor. Then lower it as slowly as possible.
- Do the same thing with your left leg. Repeat this exercise several times, alternating right and left legs.

(Type B)
- Lie on your back, legs together and arms at the sides.
- Stretch to make yourself as long as possible.
- Slowly rise to a sitting position without using your hands or arms. Repeat several times and do it daily.
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