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During the first three years of a child's life occurs language development. The period from the first to the eighth month of life is called "prelinguistic" where the language is characterized by sounds, attempts languages ​​and babbling. During language, which begins around 10 to 12 months, the child begins to compose his first words. In this phase, the stimulus of the adult is fundamental for the development of language.
Jean Piaget believed that language development was related to cognitive development, then posts intentional could not appear before the 8- 20 months. Just at this age the child begins a rhyme distinction between means and ends, and communications through the eyes or the sounds into a means to achieve certain purposes (food, care, etc.). also communication becomes progressively more complex with increasing skills of the child. Key to the development of the communication is the social environment and relationships with others. The adult has the task of stimulating the baby. Through this, the baby cries and the mother feeds him. Bruner indicates how important the support of the adult language development, including through the format, specific types of communication that associate a color to an object.

First language the child to communicate using gestures, to the gestural communication is important and will decrease as the child learns verbal language. Towards the 3-4 years child starts using the language in narrative purpose, to relate the facts and give them their own personal interpretation, distancing itself from the event and assessing their importance.
As for the cognitive aspect language plays an essential role because through it you can store emotions, objects and events, by giving it a specific meaning. During the growth language it develops through the construction of a system of knowledge, which are facilitated and consolidated in the storage by reading and writing. In addition, through the argument the child gradually learns to externalize their point of view. Through language consolidate the cognitive structures. Bruner says in fact that language is an amplifier of thought and that 6-year-old children know on average about 14,000 words and grammar rules apply even unintentionally varied.

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