Tray cover

Before you start any personal and household articles, you should be familiar with certain sewing terms and processes. The terms would help you to follow directions doe measuring, cutting and constructing the articles. You will use the processes such as stitches and seams for sewing.
Regarding the "tray cover", the shape and size of a tray cover will depend on those of the tray. They can be oval, round or oblong.

Materials needed:
- 0,5 metre of 90 cm suitable material for example plain cotton.
- matching thread.
- embroidery thread.

1) measure and cut out material according to shape and size of tray. Give extra 2.5 - 3 cm allowance around edges for folding.

2) make any desired design on the cover.

3) fold in and press about 2,5 cm double hems around decorative stitches.

4) make the design with suitable decorative stitches.

Tray covers are basically used as decorative application to enphasize the appearance of both the content in the tray but most especially the general presentation of the meal.
During the ancient days, tray covers weren't available and most of our greatgrand parents used the fabric derived from the sheep and various huntered animals to neat table clothes and tray covers.
Today most of the tray covers we use are been fabricated by research institues and highly qualified industrie.

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