Garment repair is the process of mending the clothing article. Garment repair is important for the following reasons:
1. Proper garment repair helps to prolong the life of usefulness of clothes.

2. It gives the clothes and the wearer good appearance.

3. Immediate repair prevents more damage to garment.

4. It saves money that could have been used to buy new clothes.

5. It keeps the wardrobe tidy.

Different types of garment repair:
1. Lost or worn fastenings for example buttons and button holes.
- sew on any lost or loose buttons.
- mend worn buttonholes by stitching over them with buttonhole stitches.
- loose and missing fastenings should be fastened replaced as soon as possible.

2. Cut or loose elastic band:
The elastic band within your underwear or any part or your garment can cut or become too loose. To mend:
- unpick a few stitches or the casing for the elastic from the wrong side.

- pull out the old elastic.
- replace with a new elastic pulling through the casing with a suitable safety pin.
- over-sew the ends of the elastic firmly together.
- neatly restitch the casing.

3. Loose or split seam and undone hems:
- tack the seam or hem with a matching thread.
- use running stitch or backstitch for split seam and hemming stitch for hems.
- start stitching a little (about 2,5 cm) before the loose area and sew into the opposite unsplit side.

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