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Halloween is a day when people are very superstitions. The Celts, a very old Europeans tribe, believed that every year on the last day of October, the souls of dead people visited Earth, Halloween is therefore an ancient festival. The modern festival of Halloween started in the USA in 1880s. some people still believe that this is the night the witches fly. Halloween is on 31st October. The Americans celebrate Halloween by dressing up as ghosts and witches and going to parties. Young people go from house calling ‘trick or treat?’. People have to give them treats such as sweets, crisps, chocolate or money, or they will have bad luck. Today, most children get treats and do not play naughty tricks, like emptying the dustbin. Children cut out pumpkins into the shape of a head to make faces. They put a candle inside and place the pumpkins at the window to stop evil spirits. People decorate the house with skeletons, witches, pumpkins, spiders, black cats, blats and ghosts. Young children play traditional Halloween games such as apple bobbing. In apple bobbing, apples float in a bucket of water or hang from a tree. The players stand with their hands behind their back and pick up the apples with their teeth. Older teenagers go to Halloween parties.

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