The new Australians
In the 1950s, the Australian government realized that they needed more workers. First, they encouraged British, Dutch, Italians and Germans to come and settle in Australia. British immigrants regarded Australia as the ‘land of opportunity’. Later, the government accepted refugees from Eastern Europe and Russia. Large groups of unskilled immigrants also arrived from Italy and Greece.
Many Italians settled in Perth. The Australian government only accepted white immigrants. This White Australian Policy changed gradually. It ended in 1973. After 1976, many of Australia’s immigrants carne from Asia. They called Australia the lucky country’. Today, Australia has a multicultural policy, which means that all Australian citizens should have the same rights. The government accepts immigrants from all ethnic backgrounds. But they must be skilled people or have money to put into business. Most Australians live in single-storey bungalows, with large gardens. Some have their own swimming pools.
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