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Henry 3rd

John Lackland’s successor was Henry 3rd who he started reigning in 1216. At first as soon as he became king he tried to reassert the royal authority but he had to face/cope with the rebellion of a famous figure Simon de Montfort in 1258. He was a leader of a movement which for a while/a short time was able to take over the government, he put aside the king and rule the country after electing a Council of nobles which was given the name of Parliament for the first time. Parliament is a French word which mean discussion, meeting. He himself called this council parliament: a place where people could go and speak, express their own opinions.
Anyway not all the nobles sided with Simon de Montfort because a great deal of the members of upper classes/aristocracy/barons supported the king and actually helped the king to regain the power he had lost. There was a conflict between those who supported the king and those who supported Simon de Montfort. Simon de Montfort and his followers/supporters, the other rebels were defeated in 1275 in Evesham.

Edward 1st

When Henry the 3rd died in 1272 Edward 1st became king. He understood that times were changing/had changed so he brought together/gathered/joined the first real parliament with an official value where not only the barons or the clergy were represented but even the middle class/the commons started being represented for the 1st time. From this moment onwards they will never be excluded by the parliament. The middle/emerging class included the knights, the merchants, the ordinary people, the citizens of the town; they were called commons or commoners. Initially they were called commoners later on they acquire the name of commons. The figure of Simon de Montfort is so important because although he was defeated very soon he represented a good lesson for the king’s to be (the future king- Edward I).

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