There are different instruments used by tailors during the production of their designers.
Equipment for cutting
1) scissors and shears: there are different types and sizes of scissors used for cutting paper, fabric and thread. Pinking shears are used foe neatening seams. Always choose scissors and shears that will not rust for example stainless steel scissors.

Care of scissors and shears:
-Do not use your dressmaker's scissors for for cutting paper or cardboard. This makes the cutting edges dull and blunt.
-Reserve a small pair of scissors for cutting paper.
avoid dropping your scissors or shears on the floor, to avoid damaging them.
-Protect the scissors from rust. Do not wash with water. Wipe it dry each time it is in contact with water.
-When the scissors becomes hard to operate, apple machine oil at the joint.

2) Stitch ripper: this is used for ripping or picking unwanted stitches. It is also used for cutting open buttonholes. It is much safer than a razor blade for these purposes.

Equipment for stitching
1) Dressmaker's pins: these look like needles but have "heads" instead of "eyes". They are used for holding two more pieces of cloth or paper together on the seeing process.
Always choose pins that are rust-proof and have sharp pints for example stainless steel pins.

2) Pin-cushion and emery bag: pin-cushion is used for holding pins and needles when you are sewing. Emery bag contains special dust which sharpens and polishes needles and pins.

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