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Meal service

Meal service is the process of presenting cooked foods in an orderly attractive way to the individuals who are going to eat it. More than one dish can be served at a meal. Each dish is called a course. When two dishes are to be serves for example an appetizer and the main dish, it is called a two-course meal.
A three course meal is often made up of the 1st course-appetizer, the 2nd course-the main dish and the 3rd course-the dessert. There are different types of meal service. Meals can be served in a tray, on a dining table or in the kitchen.

Points to consider and guidelines for meal service: the following points should be considered when serving meals.
1. The number of people who are going to eat.
2. The number of courses (dishes) to be served.
3. The types of dishes to be served.
4. The materials required for serving the meal for example cutlery, table cloths, etc.

The following guidelines should be followed:
1. The dining area and all materials used for table setting must be clean.
2. Table setting should be simple.
3. Flower arrangement for dining table should be low for example crescent. This enables people on the table to see each other.
4. Meals should be served as attractively as possible.
5. The table should be protected with table-cover and place mats.
6. Food should be served at the right time and correct temperature.
7. Cutlery should be placed correctly.
8. Always be polite when serving meals.

Materials needed for meal service:
- Table or tray cloths.
- Tray for tray service.
- Table mats or place mats.
- Serviettes.
- Cutlery like folks, knives, spoons.
- Plates.
- Water and wine glasses or tumblers.
- Cruet set-small pots or containers for salt, pepper, etc.
- Floral decoration like flower and flower vase.