Linoleum are available on different colours, qualities and patterns. The best are the inlaid types because the pattern is taken right through the thickness of the linoleum. Therefore the pattern of the inlaid linoleum does not disappear with wear. The printed types are cheaper and wear badly. Linoleum is a type of material that is produced in thin sheets and it has a shiny surface.

Advantages of linoleum:
- it is healer than carpets.
- it is easy to clean.
- very good qualities can be hard wearing.

Disadvantages of linoleum
- it is less warm and comfortable than a carpet because of its smooth surface.
- it can be debated and scratched.

Care of linoleum
Daily cleaning:
- sweep with a soft brush or broom to remove surface dust.

Weekly cleaning:
1) sweep to remove surface dust.

2) clean with floor-cloth wrung out in warm soapy water.
3) do not use a scrubbing brush.
4) rinse thoroughly and dry using a clean cloth.
5) rinse stubborn stains with paraffin or turpentine.
6) polish lightly with the right polish.
7) protect linoleum from extreme heat, alkali and water. This is because:
a. Great heat causes drying and cracking.
b. Alkaline substances cause rotting and cracking.
c. Water can penetrate and cause swelling.
8) spills and stains should be wiped off as soon as they occur.

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