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Susan saradon

Susan Sarandon whose true name is Susan Abigail Tomalin (New York, 4 October 1946) is an actress and film produttrice American.

Between the numerous recognitions gained from Sarandon in its prestigious career it appears also the like better protagonist actress oscar (for the film Dead Man Walking). Susan Sarandon is born at New York from the native of the Wales Phillip Leslie Tomalin and dall' Italic-American Lenora Marie Criscione, of origins ragusane.
Both the parents are catholic and give them a rather severe training: between the other things, tax comes them a school education held from rigid monks.

Perhaps actual to rebel itself to the severity with that comes grown, Susan is a rebel adolescent and nonconformist, that it it is incited in square during the shows against the war of the Vietnam and on behalf of the civil right. After to have obtained the diploma to Washington it it is registered to the Catholic University of America, in which comes attracted from the performance: in this university knows the future actor Chris Sarandon, with that it is married in 1968 and of whom, also after the divorce, terrà the like its surname pseudonym.

Always in 1968 it participates in the National Convention of the Democratic Party American, in which intervenes on behalf of the students, that in that moment are rebeling against the society. A short time later it participates the film The war of the city Joe, that arrives in the film salt alone in 1970. In 1971 the Sarandon performs of it The mortadella of Mario Monicelli, that acquaintance allows to do them also in our Country.

For a lot of time nevertheless it is been unaware of from Hollywood and to remain in the world of the cinema it is compelled to participate smaller film like Lovin' Molly (1974). In the same year however it comes noted from the large producer Billy Wilder that wants it with himself in its First page, in which finally can measure itself with actors of caliber, like for example the comical Walter Matthau. In the successive year it is done to admire in the cult-British movie The Rocky horror Film Picture Show of Jim Sharman, that consecrates it definitive to the eyes of the critic.

In 1978 it has the role of protagonist in Baby Pretty of Louis Hulls, first serious attempt to to make the Sarandon to become a sex symbol of the American cinema. In the film she interprets a prostitute of the years '10 that feared to make to undertake the same road to the twelve-year-old daughter that, restive to sell its body, it is married young with a French photographer: the film provokes scandal for the arguments treated and for the numerous stages of nude and of sex in which the Sarandon is involved, but goes added that is actual she refuse itself Brooke Shields (that interpreted its daughter) poses completely without yourselves it it. In 1979 the Sarandon divorces from the husband Chris and begins to attend Hulls, that directs it again in Atlantic City, USA, for whose interpretation comes named for the first time to the Oscar and, in the course of the years '80, for her not memorable from the film point of view, gives life to a chatted sentimental connection with the young actor Sean Penn (of 14 younger years). Of this period I am to save its interpretations in compromising Positions, film of Frank Perry of 1985, in The witches of Eastwick (1987, of George Miller, to the flank of Jack Nicholson, Cher and Michelle Pfeiffer) and in Bull Durham - A game to three hands, film of 1988 for the direction of Ron Shelton.

In the years '80, it is transferred in Rome. For a lot of time it divides its life between Rome and New York. In 1991 the actress interprets, to the flank of Geena Davis, the splendid road movie Thelma & Louise of Ridley Scott, that them farewell a nomination to the oscar and the victory of the David of Donatello to the Festival of Venice like better foreign actress, together to the same Davis. After to have obtained this international success the Sarandon experienced to repeat it with The distributor of Paul Schrader (1992), that nevertheless not ebbe the same success of its previous film. A short time later bride the actor and producer Tim Robbins, of 12 younger years, known on the set of Bull Durham. Directed by the husband Susan performs in Rob Roberts (1992, that them farewell another candidacy to the oscar), Dead Man Walking (1995, in which the interpretation of sister Helen Prejean agrees to gain them finally the longed-for statuette) and The price of the freedom (1999).In 1998 it is pledged in the sentimental Hostile friends next to Julia Roberts, while in 2002 is the partner of Goldie Hawn and of its daughter Age in Two explosive friends. Other films of I point out I am A love under the tree (2004); Shall we dance? (Always of 2004, with Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere) and finally Elizabethtown (with Kirsten Dunst and Jessica Biel) and Romance & Cigarettes, both of 2005.

February 10 2006 participated in the opening ceremony of the XX Winter Olimpiade of Turin 2006 carrying, together to other 7 famous women, the Olympic flag. 30 August 2006 received the prize "Ragusani in the world" and the honorary citizenship of Ragusa. In 2007 it has lowered in the role of the treacherous Queen Narissa in the film Like of charm, in the same year recited in the film In The valley of Elah together with Tommy Lee Jones. Susan Sarandon has three sons: the first one, the actress Age Amurri, was born in 1985 from a connection with Franco Amurri; the other two, that is Jack Henry (been born in 1989 and so called in burden of the writer Jack Henry Abbott) and Miles (been born in 1992), had from the present companion Tim Robbins. So like the husband Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon is lined up politically on the left and strong criticized the American president George W. Bush for the war in Iraq. Strong pacifist and ecologist, is itself vociferata an its possible candidacy to the presidency of the United States of America with the Green Party American.
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