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Summer before University

I’m going to work next summer to save some money before I start university. A friend of my mum’s has got me a job in her office, just filing and putting information into their computer system. Nothing too hard, but the money’s all right. Aidan

My best friend had the idea of going to Africa with the Oxfam charity to help teach English to young kids. I’m not actually going to be the teacher, but I’ll be the teacher’s help. It’s really exciting, but I’m a bit nervous about it, too. Kari

My dad wants me to get a job, but I don’t really know what I want to do. I don’t want to work in a supermarket or anything like that. I’ll probably just stay at home and get bored. I can’t wait to get away from home and start university. Stewart

I’m going to do a corse in the summer. I’m going to do a computer sciente degree at university, but before I start that I want to learn how to design web pages. It’s a four-week course, and after that I’m going to go camping in Italy with a group of friends. Kelly

Well, the main thing I’m going to do is take driving lessons. My mum’s going t ogive me her old car to take with me to university, so I have to pass my test! Oh, and of corse I’m going to watch the World Cup Finals on TV. Come on, England! Melissa.

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