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Education in Britain
Education in Britain is compulsory from the age of 5 to the of 16. there are public schools, which are private and students must pay a lot for their education and state schools that are public. Most British schools have their own uniform. State schools are divided into:
• Elementary (from 5 to 8);
• Middle (from 8 to 11);
• Secondary (from 11 at 16).

These last ones may be comprehensive, in which there are students of mixed abilities or selective, which improve more specific abilities.
At the age of 16 to 18 students are in the 6th form to be prepared for university or they may receive training for specific jobs.
Since these courses are past-time, students can also work.
In September 2002 the government introduced, for low-income families a support of £ 40 per week to encourage people over 16 to continue their studies.
Classes in Britain start at about 9,00 students can cat in the schools-canteen and study at school for their home-work.
They don’t have so long summer holidays as in Italy and classes’ time is shorter, students often change classroom for different lessons.
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