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Suddenly I heard a noise behind me.

We arrived at the Lake in the afternoon, me and my family. First thing we stopped at the Agency to get the keys of the rented apartment. The lady accompanied us to make sure everything was alright and to show us the place. The house was a typical mountain construction with two apartments; ours was on the first floor. Inside the furnishing was all wooden, the kitchen pretty essential and old, the bedrooms small and with creaking beds. When the lady left we started unpacking and we released our house cat from her little cage. She was miserable, but nonetheless funny. She rushed to a corner under the living room table and then started to paw carefully about the house all low on her leg, with her belly brushing against the floor. She was sniffing at the new smells and checking every angle. We gave her food and water to drink but she didn't even look at it. Clearly, she was distressed and unsure about the new place.
When we finished unpacking I and my father went for an exploratory walk around the house. We were at the edge of the woods, a little river running on one side, the little road on the other, the only connection to the village which was about one kilometer away. When we returned back home and opened the door, the cat rushed out a crazy speed and we weren't able to stop it. Crap! We rushed out, calling her name and shaking a box of her favorite cat crunchies, but she was nowhere to be seen. I started moving about, slowly stepping ever further from the house not caring about the diminishing light of the day. It was getting dark fast and I had just decided that if I hadn't found her at the river banks, I would go back when suddenly I heard a noise behind me.
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