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My favorite holiday place

My favorite holiday place is the Lake of Ledro, a small lake near Lake Garda in the north of Italy. Surrounded by mountains, it is a naturally beautiful place to spend your holidays. I’ve been going there for about fifteen years with my family. There you can do many different things such as swimming in the chilly but refreshing waters, wind-surfing and sailing, sun-bathing and chilling out on the beach, hiking till the mountains top, exploring the woods, bicycling, playing basketball, volleyball and tennis with friends, horse-back riding and much more. You can even try something more adventurous such as paragliding and cave exploring. Winding roads up and down the mountains take you to nearby holiday locations, for example Riva del Garda, from where you can take the ferry and go visit typical villages on the lake sides. Typical markets and flea markets are also present during the week and you can find nice objects, clothes and local liquors to buy. People are friendly and there are a lot of teenagers, mostly from Germany or Holland. It may not be the most famous of places, but it’s a place where I find peace and quiet, but also fun and a lot opportunities to do sports and keep fit during the summer. It’s the perfect place to go and leave all worries behind.
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