Stages in Child Development

With age the development of a child changes and he or she learns to perform new things or assume certain positions.
• 1st Month - the child's head sags and needs support; the hands are tightly fisted or curled; he sleeps most of the time, feeds and cries; the child stares indefinitely at surroundings, as eyes do not focus. He can hear sounds.
• 2n Month - he weaves arms about when lying on this back; he can turn head towards direction of sounds and may have a regular routine such as sleeping all night.
• 3rd Month - he looks at petiole and follows their movements. Hearing is fairly developed. He smiles and enjoys bright colours and light; he can hold head up slightly and can hold and object placed in his hand for example a rattle.
• 4th Month - he holds head erect; can smile and show excitement; eyes can follow moving objects slowing; he can hold a toy and can reach for his toes.

• 5th Month - he can reach for an object, he puts everything within reach into the mouth, he can pull dress over face, he sits with slight support, birth-weight may be doubled. He can become selective in taste.
• 6th Month - birth-weight is doubled, he recognises constant members of the family, he sits without support, he makes distinguishable sounds, he hands and eyes work more together and he may start teething (milk teeth).
•7th-8th Month - he sits confidently and can crawl. He uses toys freely, he can transfer objects from one hand to the other. And he may begin to associate words with people, ideas or objects.
• 9th-12th Month - he crawls very well, stands holding on to objects, gradually stands unaided, takes first steps, cuts more teeth, birth-weight triples and he understands some words and can say very few.

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