Video appunto: Eating habits
Eating habits

Eating is one of the most essential and natural gestures that we fulfill from the moment we are born to when we die. We should not take this gesture for granted because there are good and bad eating habits that influence our wellbeing. The way we eat is influenced by where we live. I live in Sicily where we follow a Mediterranean diet which includes a daily consumption of vegetable cereals fruit legumes, dairy products and olive oil and a weekly consumption of fish meat poultry eggs and sweets.
We mainly drink water and sparingly homemade wine, rather than sweetened drinks. The Mediterranean diet is the most advised in our modern society so much so, that it has been acclaimed by unesco as a world heritage.
In today’s world obesity and related health problems such as heart attack, high cholesteral diabetes and hictus are increasing as a result of bad eating habits and sendentry lifestyle. The most effected countries are North America and Great Britain, where people eat a lot of red meat, fats and sweets. They also tend to buy prepared frozen meals and fast food, which are much more quick and easy to prepare and consume, but they’re full of fats and calories. In conclusion, to live a healty life, we should adopt healty eating habits by eating daily: bread, cereal, rice, pasta, vegetable, fruit, meat or fish and dairy products, and reduce the consumption of fats, oils and sweets. It is also scientifically proven that if we eat well and less, we will live longer and better. But most of all, we should adopt a healty lifestyle which also includes a lot of physical activity. Let’s rememer that “we are what we eat”.