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Dreaming is one of the most beautiful things that characterizes teens. They are sweet illusions that nobody can take away from us , and sometimes they become goals that we try to reach. Very often I ask some teenager friends what are their dreams about and they answer that they don’t have any . I can’t believe that they haven’t any dreams. I think that they are drifting themselves from life , without a goal. Dreaming helps to escape the reality of life which very often is tough, and it helps you to go through your daily routine. When I “day dream” I get lost in my dreams and this turns me into a moody person too. My motto is : if I am not happy today, I’ll try to be happy tomorrow. I have many dreams including : to travel around the world and to became an actress , these are my two most important ones . My parents keep telling me to stop dreaming and to start building a real future, but I can’t stop following my dreams and , if nobody believes in me , I will still carry on in trying to believe in myself. I want to travel around the world , I want to discover new places , I want to see other ways of living and see other places of the world such as London which is full of history like Buckingham palace, where the Tudor dynasty has lived. That place is so mysterious. I would go there secretly at night, and maybe I could meet the ghost of George Washington. One of my dreams that I’m trying so hard to make it come true, is to move to America

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