Scientific study of Foods

Good food is very important for survival. There are various types of food nutrients, their sources and functions are different and specific. The carbohydrates and fats supply heat and energy; the proteins help to build up and repair the body tissues, while the vitamins and minerals protect the body and make for vitality.

These nutrients are available on different food items for example carbohydrates from rice, pasta etc., fats and oils from olive oil, palm oil, margarine, proteins from eggs, beans, etc., vitamins from fruits, vegetables and minerals from sea foods, milk etc.

These foods have certain characteristics that determine how they should be handled and cooked. It is therefore important that you understand these characteristics. This understanding would enable you plan meals correctly. It would also help you purchase, store prepare and serve meals properly.

The quality and value of any food depends on the nutrient it contains. The qualities and quantities of the nutrients available in our diet depends on how the food have been handled or treated or cooked. Poor treatment or cooking can destroy the nutrients. When this happens, we can eat a food that contains no nutrients.

It is also important to understand the effects of heat on the nutrients that are contained in the food items. This will enable you to handle and cook the food and at the same time preserve and ensure maximum nutrient retention.
The statement " we reflect what we eat" is absolutely right because people that lack certain food nutrients are highly exposed to health problems and have the high percentage in immunodeficiency (for example when there is lack of vitamins that defend the body tissues).

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