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Ordering food and drink

• Would you like to order?
• What would you likr for your…?
• How would you like the steak?
• Rare, medium or well done?
• Anything else?
• I’m sorry but we haven’t got any…left.

• I’d like a/some …
• I’ll have a …
• Can / Could I have a / some…?
• No, that’s all, thanks.

Typical Menus:

Menu of the day

Starters all at £ 4, 90
Soup of the day
Prawn and avocado
Mozzarella, tomato and
Basil salad
Grilled wild mushroom on specialità toasted bread.

Mineral water
Large bottle £3,00
Beer £3,50

Red house wine a bottle £11,00
White house wine a bottle £11,00
Coffee £2,50

Side dishes all at £3,50
Fried mushrooms
Mixed salad
Fresh vegetables

Desserts all at £4,90
Lemon tart
Banana cream pie
Rich dark chocolate cake

Main courses all £11,50
(except the fish)
Fisherman’s pie (fish and seafood with cheese topping)
Roasted lamb with traditional roast vegetable
Scotch sirloin steak with a choice of sauces
E.A.T vegetarian salad (roast peppers, pine nuts, artichokes and parmesan)
Fish in season (see the blackboard)
Grilled chicken breast with herb butter

An example of dialogue on ordering food in a restaurant:

A: I think I’ll have the prawns and avocado.

B: And what would you like for your main corse? How would you like your steak sir?

A: Medium, please. And I’d like a Carlsberg beer.

B: anything else?

A: No, that’s all, thank you.

B: would you like to order now?

C: I’d like to have fish. What is the fish today?

B: any coffees?

A & C: no, thanks that’s all!

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