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Organisation of tourism

Tour operators

T.O. are large travel companies which organize inclusive tours or packages. They buy accommodation, travel and services in bulk and for this reason the price they pay to providers is much less.
Inclusive tours have fixed prices and they are described in colorful brochures which are sent to clients directly or distributed through travel agencies.
There are three main types of T.O.:
1. Inbound T.O. provide tours, holidays and tourism services for people coming into their country from abroad;
2. Outbound T.O. supply package holidays for people from their own country wishing to travel abroad. This kind of holiday is generally classified as short haul (destination closest to home), medium haul (flights lasting between 2-5 hours) and long haul (flights lasting more than 5 hours);
3. Domestic T.O offer holidays to people who want to stay in their own country and just want a short break.

Specialist operators

Specialist operators provide inclusive tours to people with specific requirements or who have something specific in common. They can: concentrate on a particular destination; supply particular kinds of accommodation; include a specific means of transport; provide special interest holidays.

Travel agencies

Travel agencies are companies which sell the travel packages to customers. But they can also book ancillary services such as transport connections, car rental, etc.
Travel agencies have a very important role in tourism and they:
• give information and advice;
• act as a link between tour operators and clients;
• sell airline, railway, ferry and coach tickets;
• arrange accommodation;
• organize excursion and tourism sightseeing.
The most important features of a travel agency are efficiency and reliability; if you work in a travel agency you have to discover what your clients’ requirements and needs really are. If you give them good advice, they will probably return to you to organize their next trip.
Travel agencies didn’t charge the public for their services. They received a commission from T.O., airline companies or other provider for every sale made.

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