Home or interior decoration is that art of beautifying rooms and other interior areas of a house. Decoration makes the home attractive, comfortable and useful.
Floors, walls and ceilings are often decorated using furniture and fixtures, floor coverings, curtains, colours, etc.

Important factors and items in home decoration.
1. Colour: This is very important in decorating a home. There are different types of colours. There are also guidelines for choosing colours of interior decoration.

2. Furniture and fixtures: Furniture is a set of movable articles such as chairs, tables, beds, etc. Fixtures on the other hand are structures that are fixed permanently in the room for example tumbler racks, lamp shades, lower pot holders braved or mounted to the wall. All these are used for home decoration.

3. Curtains: These are important for decorating a room. They add cookout to a room and beautify it. They also provide for privacy in a room.

4. Floor coverings: These include carpets, rugs, mats, linoleum, etc. They add colour, warmth and comfort to a room. They also unify the entire room and add beauty to it.

5. Wall decoration: The colour of the wall and the decorative pieces such as pictures, ornaments etc. hung on the wall help to add beauty to a room.

6. Flowers: Flowers provide a pleasing atmosphere in a room. They also add colour and beauty to a room.

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