Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet is an important feature of a modern kitchen. It is used for the storage of food stuffs. The cabinet should be cleaned thoroughly at least every week otherwise, it could become a breeding place for household pests especially cockroaches and rats.

Daily cleaning:

1. Wipe off the top of the cabinet daily and after each use.
2. Wipe off spills as soon as they occur.
3. Arrange items in the cabinet properly and neatly.

Weekly cleaning:

1. Empty the cabinet.
2. Sweep it out thoroughly. Remove all cobwebs.
3. Scrub every part of the interior with good brush and warm soapy water.
4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and cloth.
5. Wipe dry and clean the outer surface according to the type of wood finishing.
6. Leave the doors of the cabinet open.
7. When the interior is properly dried, line the shelves with old newspaper.
8. Arrange the items properly, so that they are easy to see, reach, grasp and replace.

Moreover in various homes we have different types of kitchen disposition: one-wall arrangement is the one whereby we have a refrigerator, a sink and a cooker placed in vertical order; L-shaped arrangement is the one whereby we have a refrigerator, plain surface, a sink placed vertically and the cooker horizontally; U-shaped arrangement is the one in which the three articles are separated with the sink in the middle; and the parallel arrangement where the refrigerator and sink are placed in parallel with the cooker.

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