Mirror and Framed Pictures - cleaning

Mirrors come in different sizes and colour and they are ornaments used for admiring oneself before going out to work, parties, etc while framed pictures are kept in the house for remembrance and to keep memories therefore both objects need accurate care.
Daily cleaning:
- Wipe with clean dry non-fluffy (lintless) cloth to remove surface dust.
- Polish with a second cloth.

Weekly cleaning:
1. Wipe to remove surface dust.
2. Clean the frame according to type.
3. Clean glass or mirror with a small piece is newspaper dipped in kerosene or a rug with alcohol.
4. Rub thoroughly with soft clean dry lintless cloth.

If the mirror or glass is very dirty:
- Clean with soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water and wrung out.
- A few drops of vinegar can be added to the water. This will give more sparkle to the mirror.

- Do not allow water between the frame and the mirror.
- Rinse carefully and wipe dry with clean cloth.
- Polish with a clean dry non-fluffy cloth.

Cleaning of glass furniture
Glass furniture commonly found in the home include glass tables and stools, bookshelf glass, etc. the glass furniture is normally attached to some form of frame work.

To clean:
- Clean the framework according to type.
- it's important to follow the correct procedure for cleaning glass windows and door panes.

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