Bathrooms and toilets are very important functional areas in any home. These areas should be kept clean always. If they are dirty, they can become breeding places for disease carrying flies and mosquitoes. For instance, houseflies carry dysentery and typhoid fever germs while mosquitoes carry those of malaria. So dirty bathrooms and toilets can make people become sick. It is therefore important that you know hot to keep these functional areas clean.
There are traditional and modern bathrooms.
A. Traditional bathrooms
Common features of traditional bathroom
- it is built as a separate unit from the main house.
- it usually has no roof.
- it is a small area that can be fences with palm fronds, corrugated iron sheets or concrete or mud blocks.
- the floor can be bare with large pieces of stone or a large plank. It can also be concreted or gravelled.

Advantages of traditional bathroom

1. It is simple and easy to build.
2. It is cheap and its location can easily be changed.
3. It is built with locally available materials.


1. It is not durable. That is cannot last for long time.
2. It requires constant repair.
3. It may not have proper drainage for waste water.
4. It is separate from the house therefore:
- it does not provide for privacy.
- it is not convenient. People have to leave the house each time they have to take their bath.
5. It has an open roof, therefore it is not suitable when it is raining.

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