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Secondary schools in the uk
Healthy eating
The government has looked into ways of changing schoolchildren's dietary patterns with a campaign to ban junk food from schools and make sure children eat healthier school dinners.

According to government figures,one in five of all pupils in England missed days without permission during 2005: there are about 13.
000 persistent truants.To combat the problem,the government is uring schools to prosecute parents whose children play truancy.The even been jailed.

Classroom violence
The government has promised "zero tolerance" to classroom violence, especcialy after some serious incidents involving knives were publicized in the media.The government's proposals would give teachers and heads of schools greater powers to act in cases of violence,including the right to apply to magistrates for legal orders against parents unwilling to work with them.

he issue of bullying in schools has received considerable attention in recent years.According to the 2006 Ipsos MORI poll,bullyng has become the number one worry for parents whose children have to make the transition from primary school to secondary school.Various factors can make a child susceptible to being bullied: phisical appearence,religion,language,race,signs of poverty,even wearing the " wrong clothes".The government recommends giving schools stronger legal powers to discipline bullying pipils and make parents accept their responsibilities
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