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Good posture

The way you carry your body when you stand, sit, walk or work is very important. This is because it can affect your health, appearance and ease with which you do your work . It is therefore very important that you carry yourself properly. Rest, sleep and exercises are also necessary.

Posture is the way the body parts are held up or carried when you walk, stand, sit or work.
In good posture, the back is kept straight, shoulders pull well back and head held high. A good pasture can be developed by any healthy person. It requires determination and practice.

Importance of good posture or carriage

- Good posture enhances appearance.
- It helps different parts of the body to be supported by the right bones and muscles.
- It gives the body a comfortable and relaxed feeling.
- It affects the way your clothes fit you. Clothes fit better with good posture.
- It promotes good health, in poor posture, some organs of the body may be thrown off their natural positions. This can result in backaches, tiredness, constipation, headache. It can also affect the functioning of the body organs.
- Good posture gives dignity, poise, self-confidence and respect.
- it can also affect a person's movement and activities.
- Poor posture can also be considered a sign of poor nutrition.
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