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Scuba Diving

Breve testo scritto in lingua inglese che descrive una delle attività “vacanziere” preferite.

Scuba diving is an activity I usually do when I’m on holiday, because my home town is not close to the sea. I took the Open Diver course when I was twelve years old so that I could accompany my father next time we would go to the seaside. At first I wasn’t convinced about doing the course. I could swim already and I found scuba-diving pretty easy and straightforward to learn. When we went in Liguria to dive in the sea for the closure session of the course, we didn’t go deep and I managed to do all exercises as we had practiced in the pool. But it still didn’t look like anything special and I could not understand what my father was finding so special in scuba-diving. Well, that was until he took me for a three-day diving trip on a barrier reef. Wow.

I was coupled with him and he leaded me here and about, pointing at many colorful animals, corals and sponges. Some niches looked like submarine cities from out of this world, like the ones you would expect to see in a Disney movie. And the colors were so bright and varied. I was amazed. And then with him leading me I really relaxed and enjoyed the dive for the first time. Being suspended in mid-water was like flying and I felt free and light. It was an amazing feeling and it is then that I understood what it was that my father found so special in scuba-diving.
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