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A trip around the world

If I could make a trip around the world there are several places I would like to visit. First I would go to Scotland to see the stunning countryside of the Highlands and then to Iceland to hike in the wilderness and to go whale-watching. I would then fly to Australia and stay there for at least a couple of months. Australia has always given me the idea of adventure and I would like to travel along the coast as well as go in the outback to see the Aborigines.
After Australia I would spend another month at least in New Zealand; I would love to see Auckland and Wellington but also the fiords down south and the marine wildlife, such as seals and penguins. Then I would like to go to some exotic island, lithe The Caribbean or the Maldives, to sunbathe on the silky beaches and swim in the ocean. Then, I would set off for the USA for another month or so. I would like to see California, Montana, New York and Miami, Los Angeles and Hollywood. It would be great to go there with some friends or with my boyfriend; that would be the best. I would also like to go seeing the sites of the great ancient civilizations in Mexico, and finally, if I have some money left, I would like to go on a safari in Africa and see the large cats, the giraffes and the elephants. To make a trip like this I would need to win the lottery first!
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