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Advertising is a form of promotion that is used to increase the sales of existing products by attracting new customers and to promote a new product or service. The most difficult task for the advertiser is to make sure that consumers remember the message of his/her adverts. There are three types of advertising messages: informative, persuasive and competitive.
Informative advertising gives information about the qualities of product and makes the customers familiar with its name.
persuasive advertising creates in the potential customer the desire to buy a product by continually stressing the qualities of a product. Advertisers usually appeal to emotions.
Competitive advertising encourages consumers to buy a certain brand of product rather than those sold by the trade rivals or competitors.
Various different media can be used, depending on the advertising budget for the product, the number and the type of customers that producers want to reach. The most popular advertising media are press, television, radio, cinema, billboards, posters. Television is probably the most powerful form of advertising because it reaches millions of potential customers at one time. The adverts are very expensive to make and to broadcast.

Radio: adverts transmitted by radio are less expensive but reach fewer people.
Press: advertising in newspapers and magazines is less expensive than tv advertising, but it's static and silent. It's good if businesses want to reach a specific target group.
Internet: on line adverts in form of emails or banners have a very high visual impact and link directly to buying the product, but the advert can be ignored.

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