Guidelines for handling and sewing nylon and polyester fabrics:
1. These fabrics fray. Therefore give good seam allowance.
2. Cut with very sharp scissors.
3. Use fine pins and needles.
4. Use fine nylon or terylene thread with correct machine tension.
5. Pin and tack seams before sewing.
6. Finish or beaten all raw edges.
7. Nylon tends to cling to the skin especially during the cold weather. Therefore it is advisable to line nylon garment with acetate otherwise wear a cotton, rayon or acetate slip. These are non-electro static that means they do not cling to the skin.
8. Polyesters for example terylene can be permanently pleated or creased by a heat treatment.

Guidelines for laundering nylon and polyester:
1. Nylon and polyester do not absorb water and dirt easily. They are easy to wash.

2. Wash white nylon separately in hot water. Do not bleach or boil.

3. Wash other nylons separately from other fabrics.

4. Wash polyesters in warm water.

5. Drip-dry nylon and polyesters.

6. If ironing is necessary, press with a warm iron to avoid burning the clothes.

Guidelines for laundering viscose and acetate fabrics:
1. Study the instructions in the care label and follow them carefully.
2. Give gentle washing because these fabrics strength when wet. Avoid rubbing.
3. Wash by kneading and squeezing.
4. Use mild soaps in warm water.
5. Iron damp with a warm iron on the wrong side.
6. Do not bleach or boil.
7. Do not apply acetone to acetate.

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