Video appunto: Rice and Maize

Rice and Maize

Many people don't know that various foods can be prepared with the usage of rice and maize. Rice is one of the food often connected to african and brazilian countries and most of the time it's is imported; it has become one of the most requested dish in european countries' restaurants and also used in the preparation or combination with sushi.

Rice can also be processed into flour. It can be cooked whole for various dishes for example:
- Jollof rice: This is a popular one-pot dish.
- White rice with stew: This is w common dish.
- Coconut rice: This is prepared with coconut milk.
- Rice porridge/pap/rice water: a This can be served as breakfast cereal.
- Rice fufu: it can be served with soup.
- Rice pudding: it can be served as dessert.
- Rice flour can also be made into rice bread and rice pancake.

Maize (Millet and other similar grains can be used in similar ways as maize)
Maize can be processed into different forms for example flour and paste. It can also be cooked whole, or be used to prepare many dishes:
- Whole maize: This can be boiled or roasted and eaten as snack. Roast or boiled fresh maize on cob.
- Bean or corn stew: whole maize grains can be stewed with beans or other suitable pulses.
- maize oat-meal (whole maize porridge): This is prepared from maize flour.
- streamed ground maize dish: This can be served with stew or soup.
- corn pudding: corn pudding with ripe banana or plantain: it can be served as main dish.
- corn pap or "Akamu": This is a suitable breakfast porridge taken in most african countries. It can be enriched with milk for baby's food.
- maize fufu: This can be served with a suitable soup. Different parts of Africa as a whole use maize to prepare many dishes.