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The Restoration Of The Monarchy

After Cromwell's death, the Republic began to collapse

- In 1660, Charles II was asked by the Parliament to go back from his exile

- His court was the most immoral ever

2 Catastrophes happened in London:

Bubonic Plague
Great Fire
James II succeeded his brother Charles
He was Catholic and had a son from his second wife
The Parliament feared a Catholic succession so they called William of Orange (his wife Mary, was James' older daughter)
James II fled abroad

1689 - Mary and William estabkished as "Joint Monarchs"

1689 - Bill of Rights was signed, for which:

The king couldn't raise taxes
He also couldn't keep an army without the consent of the Parliament
England Became a Constitutional Monarch

The Tories and The Whigs

Formed in 1679-80
Their name derived from the 17th Century Irish outlaws who killed English settlers
They believed in the divine right of the monarch
They opposed religious toleration
The Church of England and the landowners supported them
In 1832 they became the "Conservative Party"
Their name derced from "Cattle Drivers"
They were descendants of The Parliamentarians
They were supported by the wealthy and commercial classes
They fought for: industrial and commercial development, vigorous foreign policy and religious toleration
They became the "Liberal Party" in 1860s
The meetings of Whigs ministers gave origin to the Cabinet
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