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Edward the 3rd

The first important successor of Edward I st was Edward the 3rd, during whose reign some important events occurred: first of all the Hundred Years'War against France. This war broke out because Edward 3rd claimed the throne of France because his mother was the daughter of Philip the Fair.
Edward the 3rd was also responsible with his behavior/conduct for the rising of the middle class and the foundation of the first trade bills (associations/corporations of people who work in the same field and have got the same interests to protect like artisans, smiths, shoemakers).
Under his reign the formation of this class was defined.
During this period took place 2 other events: one of these was extremely tragic/dramatic and is the great plague in 1348 which enormously reduced the population of the citizens in the towns and the rising of the Lollards'revolutionary movement, which actually was suppressed by the king, but it's extremely important because it paved the way for the rise of Protestantism because its aim was to start a process of moralization of the Church and to abolish/cancel every form of corruption.

Richard 2nd

When he died his grandson took the power, his name was Richard the 2nd. Richard's reign was a period of misgovernment because the peasants/poor were more and more oppressed and actually during his reign he introduced a new tax. According to this new law that passed during his reign any family inside which there was a 15 years old male had to pay 15 shillings for each male over 15 years-old of age.
He went on ruling the country in a very despotic way in spite of the peasants'revolt and he was the 1st king to be deposed by the Parliament.

Henry 4th

His successor was the 1st king to be elected/appointed by the Parliament: Henry the 4th (1399-1413). He wasn't the direct heir of the king, he was his cousin and belonged to the Lancaster's Family.
He was the first to understand/have clear in his mind that he had to respect it and its privileges. Its coming to the throne marks the exact moment when the crown becomes aware of its own limits in favor of the privileges acquired by the parliament up to that time.

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