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New Age of British History

A new age in British History began in 1066, when duke William of Normandy conquered England after the battle fo Hastings.
William I the Conqueror (1066-1087) introduced into England the Norman organization of the state.England was filled with new strong Norman castles.
Under Henry II (1154-1189) there came the first great clash between the crown and the church in England.H
enry, promulgated the Constitution of Clarendon by Clerks.
The archbishop of Canterbury,Thomas Becket(1118-1170) strongly opposed this new measure and spent six year in France.
Richard I (1189-1199), better known as the lion heart and celebrated as a new legendary figure for his courage and personal charm.
During the ten years of his reign Richard was nearly always abroad: he first joined
the third crusade, he then went to France to defend his possessions against Philip II, and was killed in his castle.
Richard I was succeeded by John I, called the Lackland (1199-1216).In 1215 king John doing the Magna Carta, which was to be the foundation of all future rights and freedom of English people.After there Henry III (1216-1272).In the 1264-1265 two representatives beginning of the future of house of commons.This institution developed under the next king, all called Edward: the Parliament of 1295,under Edward I (1272-1307)is generally referred to as the model parliament.
In the reigns of Edward III (1327-1377) and Richard II (1377-1399)there 3 processes: the antagonism with France, the attack on church privileges and the revolt against both excessive taxation and political oppression.
War with France is called : Hundred years war.
Edward III claimed the vacant throne of France,the war that lasted from 1337-1453.
The English won the battles of Crecy (1346) and Poitiers (1356), one of the most victories was gained by Henry V at Agancourt in 1415.
The conflict was interrupted by tragic events ( Black Death ) in 1348.
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