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I remember…

I remember a day when I must have been about 5 years old and I and my sister used to go to a music school to learn to play the piano. All of our classmates were already there when we arrived late as usual. But the teacher wasn't and we took our seat waiting for her to arrive. Her name was Laura and we loved her. She was about twenty-five years old and very nice. She was tough in need but mostly cheerful and playful, and she really had a way with us that made the lessons go quickly in a combination of learning and fun.
It was the first time she was late and at first we didn’t know what to do to kill time. The more the time passed, the more the situation degenerated and from a calm chatting with each other we soon started running and playing noisily. We reached the apex of the afternoon when we divided into two teams and fought against each other using drumsticks as swords and hand drums as shields.
When our parents arrived it was total chaos; we were sweating and laughing and the battle was far from being over. It was by far the most unexpected and amusing music lesson I have ever had! And it makes me sad now knowing that at that same time our beloved teacher was not just being late, she was having a terrible car crash in which she lost her life. Yes, I think this is why I will never forget what was also to become our last afternoon at the music school.
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