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A nightmare

I often remember my dreams and usually there are some recurring things. The place, the situation or the feeling. What is strange is that sometimes I realize that I’m dreaming and for a split moment I am able to change the scene or something that I’m not enjoying. Or I can make adventurous decisions knowing that I’m not going to get hurt. If it is a nightmare I force myself awake.
I do remember many of my dreams, but there’s no one in particular that comes often to me. However, there is one that I will remember for all of my life. In that dream, I was being killed. It happened some years ago, and it’s maybe because I was so young that it impressed me the most.
I was on holiday and in my dreams I was walking in the same pine-wood where I was walking that same day. After I crossed the road that run through it, the night suddenly fell and the pine-wood turned into a graveyard. A lot of people were queuing for something that was not known to me. But I knew something threatening was about to happen when a friend of mine hurried to me and we were suddenly running together in search of a way out. I noticed a warrior who was looking for something, or someone, until his eyes fixed on a person who I couldn’t recognize, but I knew she was very important to me. I changed course and rushed to her, trying to protect her with my body. In a quick movement he stabbed me in the head with a dagger, then, he vanished. I remained conscious but even if I could feel no pain I knew I was about to die and when my mother walked to me I tried to write something, to tell her what had happened. But I woke up. There was no blood; just the fear! I was awake staring at the ceiling for a long while before I could fall asleep again.
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