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Reese Witherspoon

Laura Jeanne Reese Witherspoon (New Orleans, 22 March 1976) is an American actress. It goes the first years of life to Wiesbaden, in the Federal Republic German, to the I continue some father, medical to service of the Forces Allied, and of the mother, pediatric nurse, to return to establish itself in the United States, to Godlettsville, a suburb of Nashville, its elective homeland, where living persons until the half of the years '90, before transferring itself definitive to Los Angeles.

It begins to the cinema in 1991 in the film The man of the moon, in which covers the part of an adolescent that lives the first sentimental and familiar crisis when the greater sister gets engaged with its first love.

It participates subsequently to some film giovanilistici, between which spiccano Jack the Bear (of and with Danny De Vito) (1993), S. W. F. (1994), Fear (1996), Cruel Intentions (1999) and, above all, Pleasantville (1998) and Election (1999), signalling itself like an of the young more versatile actresses of its generation.

Always in the same years it refuse to participate film of type, having greater commercial impact, what Scream (1997), to the purpose of not to bind its image to a specific cliché.

In 1998 it participates in the film Twilight, reciting to the flank of Paul Newman Susan Sarandon and Gene Hackman, that confirms of it the considerable attitudes recitative in dramatic roles. The role puts it to the caution of the main movie studios.

In 1999 bride Ryan Phillippe, to which was bound already from some years. The couple will have two sons, Ancestor and Deacon.

In 2000 it participates in the film reduction of American Psycho, I discuss from the story of Bret Easton Ellis.

Its career takes off definitive to leave from 2001. From that year it tie up in fact its name to comedies shining having a considerable verification of public in the United States, that give back it "news gotten engaged of America", how happened at Meg Ryan a quindicennio back. Its more known roles were those of Elle Woods in the film won back It some blonds, of 2001, and A blond in career, sequel of 2003, as well as in all of fault of the love of 2002, where revisits in ironic southerner his origin key. Always in the same years it participates in two film in custom: The importance of to call itself Ernesto, I discuss from Wilde (2002), and The fair of the vanity of 2004, I discuss from the story of Thackeray, (the film comes presented to the Festival of Venice), where performance in the role of the protagonist Rebecca "Becky" Sharp. It won the oscar to the better actress in 2006 for its interpretation of June Casing Cash in When the love burns the soul, for which received also the Golden Globes for the better actress in a film comedy or musical.

Recently it has seen in the Italian screens in the romantic comedy If alone true pits, by the side of Mark Ruffalo, reasonable success to the ticket office.

It is official of a film movie studio, Type TO, whose name derives from the nickname attribuitole from little girl aside of the familiar (big traducibile manner like "miss 10 and praise", to confirmation of a character perfectionist and tough). With the actual society it produced "A blond in career" and "Penelope", where performance in a short cameo by the side of Curly Christina.

In the October 2006 announces officially the separation from the husband (Ryan Phillippe).

Intelligent and capable it to choose suitable roles to its attitudes recitative, versatile, not lacking a certain glamour even if a lot far away from the Hollywood models most typical, to thirty year Reese Witherspoon results an I turn popular in the USA and except for known in Italy, where remains, oddly, an actress of niche, do not still discovery from the public at large at least until the recent conquest of the oscar.
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