United States of America
The United States of America is the fourth largest country in the world, and occupies an area nearly as large as the whole of Europe.
Its territory, without Alaska and the Hawaii Island, stretches from Canada in the north, to Mexico in the south and from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to the Pacific Ocean in the west.
Alaska and Hawaii Islands are geographically separated from the main body of the country, because Alaska is separated from the mainland by Canada while the island state of Hawaii is in the north Pacific Ocean.

In its vast area the U.S.A. includes almost all physical condition like heat and cold, forest and desert, mountains and endless plains, empty spaces and large crowded cities. The U.S.A. consist of 50 states: every state is very different and has got its own laws, customs, schools, taxes, police, street code.
The two biggest mountain chains crossing the country are the Rocky Mountain and the Appalachians.
The biggest peak is mount McKinley in Alaska, and the lowest depression is the Death Valley in California.
The biggest river of U.S.A. is the Mississippi and it is also the biggest river in the world. It was known by the American Indians as the “Father of Water”.
It is about 6,400km long from the source of its main branch, the Missouri River, which rises in the Rocky Mountains, to the mouth of the Mississippi in the Gulf Of Mexico. There are other important rivers like Yukon, Rio Grande, Columbia, Hudson, Potomac, Ohio and the Colorado. The Colorado begins in the Rocky Mountains and flows for 342km through the magnificent and famous Gran Canyon carved through the ages by its water.
Near the boundary of Canada there are five great lakes. They are named Great Lakes and they are linked together by a river. They are the Superior, the Michigan, the Huron, the Eire and the Ontario.
The climate is extremely varied and in some ways hostile: much of America suffers from hurricanes, tornadoes and floods caused by storms, violent winds and heavy rainfalls. In spite of that the Americas are fortunate because, besides the country’s favourable position, its resources are probably greater than those of any other country of the same size.
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