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Prom Night

Students all over the U.S.A. look forward to that very special evening called the High School Prom.
The prom is a formal dinner and dance: only the third year students, also known as juniors, and the fourth year studentd, also known as seniors, can go to the prom. Sometimes it's in a hotel. Everyone dresses up and it's one of the most memorable moments of high school, an experience not to be missed.

The preparation is all part of the fun: deciding who to go with, finding a dress and everithing. But going to the prom is an expensive business and there are differents opinions on who spends more. Girls have to buy the dress and something like this and guys often pay for dinner, a limousine and a tuxedo (a sort of smoking: guys rent their tuxes for about $60 to $100, because if they decided to buy them, they could pay $300).descrizione del ballo di fine anno
The other big decision is who to go with. Traditionally a guy asks a girl and they go as a couple, but this is changing. Lot's of people prefer going to the prom with a bunch of friends as it's more fun.
But everybody has a good time at the prom. It's fun to get all dressed up with your friends for a night and dance. All of American students speak about it as one of the most important experiences a teenager can have at school.
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