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Gap year - The journey of a lifetime

Lots of student in Britain called ‘school leavers’ will become ‘gappers’ and take a gap year before going to the university inorder toh ave their mind made-up on which faculty to concentrate on.

What would you do in a gap year? Why?
(an example of test on this issue)
A gap year is a kind of off-year that british student take inorder to settle down and think of what to do next!
A way to present yours as a class test.
If I had the chance toh ave a gap year or a gap semestre in which the possibilities of what to do are endless, I can’t litteraly travel to the end of the earth or simply sita round and play the wii while I lose brain cells. As a student, we know that’s a great learning (probably teaching and helping children in the poor areas in Africa).

Taking a gap year between high shool and the university doesn’t mean taking a break learning. Those who choose to backpack through Europe (obviously not everyone is into that), or those who choose travelling elsewhere outside Europe. I’ll probably use this experince to learn about other people culture, see the world in its complessità, great museums and architecture in person. Immerse myself in the history of the local zones etc.
For these reasons I think going out of the country during a gap year will be surely helpful for both physical and mental growth.

You’re 18, you’ve finished school, and passed your exams, but what next?
A gap year can offer the journey of a lifetime. Lots of student travell around the world via Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, and USA. Many say it’s an amazing experience while other say they saw different places (obviously different from the normal placet in which they lived).
Gap Activity Projects organise voluntary work in more than 30 countries, and each year almost 3000 people become volunteers.
Many employers believe that a gap year is a valuable experience and they are also interested in what students did during this year. So think before you choose what to do. Although you may look on your gap year as a time for having fun, the real world will definitely still be there when you get home.

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