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Many people, both men and women, resort to plastic surgery as soon as the first signs of old age show up, so they can always look young and self-assured. Some people claim that plastic surgery improves life radically and a few tweaks hither and thither also helps the self-esteem. Regardless of these releases a wrong plastic surgery change forever the life of the unlucky patient.

First of all, everyone wants to feel forever young. There are often stories in the newspaper about people who state that plastic surgery has changed their life. Furthermore, many of these releases talk about a real increase of self-assurance. If they had not done the operation, these increase would not have happened. On the other hand, it's true that there are very few people who have a high esteem of himself/herself and want seem old.

In addition to the previous point, in several circumstances the plastic surgery change completely the life of a person. My next-door neighbor, for example, underwent a plastic surgery because year after year it became as a eagle's beak, and we wanted a pretty French nose. After the surgery his nose was as a big potato, the plastic surgeon made a big mistake. In fact, the surgeon didn't sew up precisely and now my next-door neighbor has a respiratory problems. Now he has changed his mind about plastic surgery.

In conclusion, plastic surgery could make you feel better with yourself. A person with a strong personality, self-esteem and forever young is very attractive. Nonetheless, plastic surgery is not safe as we think, a simple surgery performed in the wrong way can become a cause of a problem for the rest of the life.

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