Perché studiare in Inghilterra

Obviously, one of the most interesting aspect of studying a foreign language abroad is that you can meet new friends and cultures: since you live with them all day long for some months, you'll gradually stop thinking in Italian and start thinking in the foreign language. Your English will necessarily improve thanks to the constant use you make of it!
Regarding the students who deal with scientific subjects, the opportunities at universities abroad are many more than in Italy. For example, if you study Engineering or Physics you'll have the possibility to study in depth specific topics of interest and to carry out extensive studies using experimental set-up not always present in Italian universities.
The aim is to achieve a complete experience where you get to know new cultures from a human and social point of view and you can improve not only your foreign language, but also the specific content of a discipline. So, you won't have any excuses in the future: be ready to travel and learn new things by having fun!

For example, I want to study mathematics abroad, especially in one of the most prestigious universities of London, Oxford or Cambridge where I studied such great scientists as Newton, Einstein and Stephen Hawking.It would be nice and interesting to be able make an experience of the genus, I wish you!

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