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Animals in danger

The North Island Hector dolphin is the world’s smallest marine dolphin. It is also the rarest. There are only about a hundred left. They live in small family groups off the North Island of New Zealand. Fishing nets are the biggest threat to the dolphin. The dolphins get caught in the nets and die. To save this animal, the New Zealand government must ban all fishing around the coasts of the island immediately.
The black and white members of the bear family only lives in the south west of China, where it eats bamboo. The main problem for the panda is the destruction of its natural habitat. There are about 1 000 pandas parks left. The Chinese government has created thirty national park to protect the panda. They do more to help the pandas that live outside these areas.
The Hyacinth is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. It is found in the interior of Brazil. There are only three thousand left in the wild. The macaw is protected but poachers can get 10 000 dollars for every bird they catch. We need to introduce better laws to protect the bird and we need to educate the local people, who kill the bird for its feathers and food.
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