It is important to figure out an adequate method for laundering white or coloured clothes made with cotton or linen materials. To avoid the loss of fabrics there are specific steps and procedures to consider before and during the washing of the articles made with these materials.

Guidelines or hints on the laundering of white cotton and linen (colour-fast):
1. Steep or soak in detergent water. Very dirty materials can be soaked for up to twelve hours.

2. Wash with hot water by friction or rubbing method.

3. White cotton and linen can be boiled during laundry if necessary.

4. Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

5. Apply blue or starch if necessary.

6. White cotton and linen can be bleached. Always follow the direction on the bleach container.

7. Dry in the sun.

8. Iron fabrics while they are still damp. Use hot iron.

9. It is best to iron linen on the wrong side unless the surface is glazed.

Laundering of coloured cotton and linen (non-colour fast):
1. Avoid soaking or steeping to prevent the due from loosening and running.

2. Do not wash with hot water. Wash with cold water.

3. Wash by kneading and squeezing. Avoid rubbing.

4. Use mild soap. Avoid heavy duty detergents .

5. If the colour is running add common salt to the second and to the last rinsing water. This helps to fix the colour.

6. Stiffen the material if necessary. Starch solution should be cool.

7. Remove as much water as possible.

8. Dry under a shade. Avoid exposure to bright sunlight.

9. Iron while damp preferably on the wrong side. Use hot iron.

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