Members of this group are often characterised by reduced physical activity. They therefore spend less energy. This means that the quantity of energy food required by the aged needs to be slightly decreased. Their needs for proteins, vitamins and minerals remain unchanged. Their food must be easy to chew and be digested.

The sick and the convalescent:
An invalid is a person who is sick. A convalescent is one who is no longer sick but is in the process of gradual recovery after illness. These two groups may have suffered.
- breakdown of body tissues.
- life of weight.
- life of appetite
- they could also be weak and lack certain nutrients.

Guidelines for providing meals for the sick and convalescent:
1. Doctor's instructions must be followed. Meals for the sick would depend on the type of illness.

2. Meals must be balanced. Meals should include good quantity proteins, vegetables, fruits for the repair of body tissues and prevention of further infection.

3. Meals must be cooked by the most easily digested methods such as boiling, stewing, steaming. Avoid fried food.

4. Meals must be served at regular times every day.

5. Select food that are easy to digest. Avoid oily or greasy foods. They are difficult to digest.

6. Make food appetizing. Serve it as attractively as possible.

Suggested dishes for invalids:
- milk drinks for example soya bean milk drink.
- various types of porridge like millet, corn, oats, etc.
- steamed egg custard.

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