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Deodorants and Antiperspiration

Deodorants are substances which can be applied to the skin, to prevent odour from forming on the body when a person sweats. Body odour is commonly caused by sweating or perspiration under the arms or in the arm pits. Deodorants are thereby used in the arm pit. There are different reasons why people reason to put on Deodorants: some are allergic, others can't stand the odour while many just prefer to wear clothes without putting on the perfumes.
What people don't know is in many supermarkets or beauty-stores they can as well find product less harmful for their skin and still smell good.
There are different types of deodorants such as roll-on, spray or powder types.

These are special product or astringents that reduce the amount of perspiration a person secretes for several hours. It is now possible to buy products which are both antiperspirants and deodorant combined. They are called anti-perspirant deodorant.

Use of deodorants and anti-perspirants
1) Remove unsightly hair from under your arms (arm pits).

2) Wash the arm puts thoroughly during bath. Rinse properly and dry with clean towel.

3) Apply deodorant lightly according to type. Note that the skin may become irritated if you use a deodorant immediately after removing the hair.
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